Free SoundCloud Plays

We can almost imagine the look on your face after reading the heading.

“Free Plays you say? Great! But how many free SoundCloud plays in 2019?”

The short answer; Quite a lot.

Right after New Year, we’ve decided to boost the play trial amount from 250 to 500 free plays. This is a 100% increase compared to our free SoundCloud plays in 2018.

Sad enough it took us some time to finally put this offer in place on our website. But we got here, and this is where you're able to come join in on the fun.

“Free plays... Yeah!”

How do I get free SoundCloud plays?

The answer to the question “how do I get more plays on SoundCloud” has been a bothersome one for quite some time. You had to do a lot of Googling to find a good quality music promotion service. And at least one that enabled you to get a lot of listens on SoundCloud free of charge. (As if the always returning question of “how to get exposure on SoundCloud?” wasn't enough already.)

But not anymore.

Luckily for You, we provide you with the possibility to get more exposure for free. And at the same time help answer the question on “how to get heard on SoundCloud?”

With our free plays and views, you are able to promote your music and increase the play count. And the best thing about this is that you can do this on any SoundCloud track of your liking.

All this for free, gratis, nada, nothing, diddly-squat, zero, zilch! We could go on, but you get the picture. And let's be honest. Isn't this a great way to build up your SoundCloud tracks for free online?

Feel free to thank us later. And in the meantime, we're totally fine with you thinking about us as your own personal SoundCloud Plays bot.

And don't worry. We promise to keep this little secret between the both of us. If only because of the fact that we never share any information about our clients with anyone else.

Can I Order Free Geo-Targeted SoundCloud Plays?

Yes, of course. Make sure to send us an email with your track URL(s). And don't forget to add a list of preferred countries, and we will take care of geo-targeting the plays for you.

How important are Soundcloud Plays?

The short and sweet answer is pretty important. And we've written about its importance in an article on our website, which you can read here.

Will I Get Unlimited Free SoundCloud Plays?

No. Let's stick to 500 Plays... But this doesn't mean that things couldn't change in the future. So make sure that you check back as much as possible to see if the amount of free plays has increased.

What's the Advantage of Free SoundCloud plays?

Having a good amount of plays on your latest track is important. Especially right after the initial release of your track. This helps to increases the change of your song showing up in the feed of potential new listeners.

This is the main advantage of using free plays. And at the same time a cheap and carefree method to get attention to your music.

Because of this, we advise you add the free plays to your latest tracks and songs. But don't let this suggestion hold you back from requesting plays to some of your older music or mixes.

Where can I buy Plays?

Have a look at this page, see how much you need and then order. As Simple as one, two, three.

How to get more listens on SoundCloud?

Fill in the form and receive you free SoundCloud plays in an instance!

Your order gets processed within 12 hours after you hit the send button. So keep an eye on your play counter and watch it rise.

Enjoy more listens and views and get your SoundCloud plays up. Free of Charge!

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