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Why Buy SoundCloud Plays?

You know that users have the option to play one or more of your tracks. However, do you know that this is actually one of the primary drivers to connect you with your fans and new listeners?

This is precisely why it is a great idea to “purchase SoundCloud plays” in the initial release stage of your latest track(s).

It will help you get discovered by new listeners, boost your popularity, and gain new fans and followers. At the same time buying plays is also the simplest answer to the question “how to get more soundcloud plays?

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We are the Number One service provider on the internet. When you buy from us, it is the best decision you can make and one that you will not regret. Buying from us is the best way to create greater exposure and more general interest in your music on SoundCloud.

To be honest, this is a boring statement that everybody makes and it does not tell you much, although it is true. Please allow us to elaborate a bit further;

Every minute there is around 12 hours of audio added to SoundCloud. With this in mind, you instinctively know that it is not easy to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. That is where we can help you.

With our help, you can increase your exposure among the 175 million registered users. We will help you reach a large and diverse audience, and you will gain new fans and loyal followers in the process.

We know, and love, SoundCloud and have been active on this fantastic platform for over six years. During this period we were successful in promoting many independent producers and artists.

Targeted plays

We deliver targeted plays that originate from within from the United States, Brazil, Canada, Europe & The United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. This fine-grained targeting will help promote your tracks to listeners of the largest and most popular user bases on SoundCloud and bypass non-relevant user groups and target audiences.

Our Users

Our users share your passion for great music and are eager to listen to new musical gems in different genres. This will guarantee you will increase the exposure of your track to new listeners.

Delivery Time

Plays of your track(s) get delivered between 24, 36 or 48 hours time, depending on the amount that you ordered.

You can find the applicable delivery time on each of our individual service descriptions.

Custom Delayed Delivery Time

If you like, you can spread your order over a more extended period, ranging between One (1) and Seven (7) days.

You can choose this options on the checkout page when you complete your order.

How to buy Plays?

It’s easy. Have a look at our offers above and order the amount that you are after.

Want to know More?

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