The Importance of SoundCloud Plays

Undoubtedly the biggest powerhouse for music streaming, SoundCloud has established itself as the number one place where people of all ages listen to their favorite tunes from both up-and-coming and established artists.

To most people, the commodity of having a guilt-free way of supporting their artists while still being able to sample a beat or two before opting for their credit cards is what makes SoundCloud, well, SoundCloud!

You, however, are different.

Whether it is through your own free spirit, natural talent or unwavering gumption, you believe that you can and will make a change through offering your soul to the masses.

This is all well and good, or acceptable and all right. There’s just one thing spoiling all the fun: Reality.

And reality is not as rosy as one would love to imagine: Talentless musicians that have seniority (and priority) just because they registered a year or two before you, big media studios fueled by copious amounts of money and exposure, the unfairness and struggle a common man has to endure just to get a few plays…

This is where we come in.

We have seen many talented artists blossom and wither, never gaining a shot at the limelight, as their crestfallen soul crumbled into the abyss.

Ask yourself honestly: Do you HONESTLY want that to happen to YOU?!

Our answer is no, and you think about this question fairly, we expect an answer at the end of this write-up.

In the meanwhile, let’s take a more formal approach to our proposed solution, as well as all the benefits we provide and perils we prevent with our service.

To start off, just a few lines about us as a company, GoSoundcloud;
Having just under a decade of experience in providing high-quality, geo-targetted SoundCloud plays coupled with years of work in the online realm, puts us at the top of the echelon when it comes to our respective vocation.

We have always nurtured a 100% satisfaction guarantee and have never failed to impress, even when the odds were overwhelmingly against us.

Speaking of odds, did you know that the two biggest problems with buying SoundCloud plays are a) fear of getting your account disabled b) attaining the wrong type of user base?

Let’s go piece by piece, starting with our solution for the first one.

It is not that SoundCloud has this sort of all-seeing, all-accompanying eye that scrutinizes each and every song on the platform – That would cost a fortune and is not feasible even if the resources were available.

The real reason why most artists that buy their SoundCloud plays at our competitors get their account banned is sheer stupidity, shared by both parties.

It’s the buyers’ fault for not doing their due diligence on the ‘company’ behind the product, while the seller certainly takes the Pulitzer award for their inane actions.

Actions such as providing twenty thousand plays on a brand new song for an account that previously had no exposure at all?

We barge through that obstacle with our high-retention, drip-feed SoundCloud plays where you’re the one that decides how fast the number are to pour in.

Not an expert?

Don’t worry, our experts audit each SoundCloud account individually and offer a FREE evaluation with every purchase, providing your cherished profile with the maximum amount of safety and security!

The second reason is the bane of all existence for most that have dipped into buying SoundCloud plays.

With all due respect to Egypt, India, and Mexico, if I’m an up-and-coming, contemporary rapper from downtown New York, it simply doesn’t make any logical sense to pursue such an endeavor.

You’re telling me that thousands of people listen to my songs, yet they don’t understand the lyrics (something rap is very adamant about!) and our cultural ties are as thin as a lath?

This not only poses a solemn security issue for your account, but it also alienates you from your genuine listeners and worst of all, prevents new users near YOUR location from joining your ranks.

We’re not hiding behind any smoke screen covers, not only are we the best on the market, but we’re also one of the steepest and for a good reason.

When we speak about SoundCloud plays that are to be delivered to MC Anonymous from Los Angeles, California, we’ll be damned if they won’t come precisely 31 miles southwest of San Fransisco and 27 miles north of Chicago.

Now that we have managed to alleviate all of your deepest fears let’s take just one small step to remind ourselves of the awesome opportunities a few SoundCloud plays can bestow us with.

One innocent purchase could unshackle and unleash the untapped beast within your art.

1) Intrinsic Motivation.
As you watch listeners pour in from all the right angles, your spirit is rekindled with newfound creativity and enthusiasm.

The soil that inspired you to take up an instrument and create now serves as an additional buffer to your ingenuity.

Feed off of that opportunity and aim higher!

2) Genuine Followers.
To reach the people you seek to reach, a hard road to glory must be taken.

The SoundCloud system is undeniably stacked up against you, and with that being said, the right people will join your ranks the moment you show the necessary courage to take a leap forward.

Take the plunge.

3) Important Connections.
We can hogwash ourselves and others, but the incontrovertible truth has been carved since the dawn of time: People of similar status overwhelmingly mingle with each other.

Not just in terms marital relations, but also on an interpersonal and business level.

This transcends cultures, sex and other relics of our current societies.

With that being said, a couple of plays in combination with a few followers might make the difference between a struggling, failed artist and the next musical virtuoso of our generation.

Don’t let society dictate what you can and cannot do. Be what you were meant to be!

We could spend another ten hours on listing down all the benefits, but you’re already cognizant of most of them.

At the start of this article, I’ve asked for nothing but an answer to one question.

I take it that you are an intelligent person that knows what he wants- You wouldn’t be here, reading this, if the opposite were the case.

Hence, the die has been cast.

The opportunity to work with experts with years of experience that cherish your worth and value your ideals as if they were their own is just a step away.

Become a part of something amazing, and in return, it will pay not twofold, but tenfold. And that is just the start.

What are you waiting for? Click here to acquaint yourself with our awesome packages and click this link for our Geo-targeted plays!

Need things a bit more tailored to your specific needs or have additional inquiries? Shoot an email to us, and we’ll get right through you in less than 24 hours!